About Us

BootKamp’s focus is to build a community in which health & wellness are the key driving factors. Our goal is to combine the often-overlooked nutrition aspect of health & wellness with the already established boot camp concept. We just give it our own BootKamp spin!

We are Bootkamp. Established in 2019, in conjunction with the Three Rivers Fitness Care Program, we believe health & wellness is a lifestyle. We aim to provide a “BootKamp” experience like nothing Pittsburgh has seen before. Our goal is to create a lifestyle change in order to achieve long lasting results.

Why Choose Us?

BootKamp is a community that cares about sustainable healthy lifestyles for all of its members. We believe in going above and beyond in the pursuit of this goal! BootKamp is more than just health and wellness it is family.

BootKamp instructors are held to the highest professional standard. We are certified in multiple modalities in order to give our members a unique and result driven experience.

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Mark Lay

Program Manager

Terrell Lindsay

Fitness Trainer

Sarita Wells

Fitness Trainer

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